Message handling policy

We are very grateful for any message! Whether it's a bug report, an idea for a new game, or a beautiful album to post in the library.

But even this has its own rules. Most importantly, unless we agree otherwise in writing in advance, any information received is royalty-free and copyright-free. This is because we have a bunch of things in progress and we can't argue if someone sent this or that to us a week before the release of a new version, while we've been working on it for half a year.

For the vast majority of people, this simply means: Just send us an email! ;) The others are advised to go through the Privacy Policy.

Sending albums to the library

Do you have a nice album that you want to show in our library? Here with that! If you don't know how to do it, look at the instructions on how to send an album.

If we'll agree on publication, we will of course credit you as the author and you retain all copyright. However, we reserve the right to reject or remove any album at any time. Albums must be suitable for children, of good quality, and must not infringe copyright. Although, for example, Paw Patrol photos may be OK for a private album, we can't publish them here on the website. If you ask us to, we will remove the album from the site.

Even here, however, if we plan to release something similar ourself, sending a similar album does not give rise to any claim to remuneration or copyright to our own content. If it's important to you, we recommend starting the discussion about publishing the album first without pictures and only send more after an agreement.

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