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Which painted beetle does the sound belong to? Teach your kids new words and sounds.

Sort insects by the sounds of flowers! Great for memory and motor skills training.

Find two identical images under the leaves! Whose memory is better, the kids or adults?

Color dad's mustache! Or mom's hair! Unlock your kids’ imagination and creative skills.

Touch an insect and hear what it says! Are you fast enough to catch them all?

Blow and pop unlimited, colorful bubbles! Train your kids’ breathwork and coordination.

See your images and play related sounds! Older kids can also add text and practice reading.

Hear the Edzees in different tones! Learning new words has never been funnier!

Ready-to-play albums

Play with your kids right after installation

Edudadoo has a bunch of original images and sounds ready to play. Cartoon animals, plants, family members and more. You can download even more ready-made albums in our library. But the very best thing is to create your own albums together with your children.

What do your kids love?

Personalize your kids’ favorites right into our app!

Create your own unlimited albums to use in our games.

Add photos of mom, dad, siblings, favorite toys, and even holiday highlights!

Hand-drawn pictures are great. But watch your kids’ expressions when your pet is revealed in Pairfinder!

Keep your kids excited by letting mom, dad, and the whole family record their own voices! Soon your kids will want to record something too.

What’s next?

A bunch of new, interactive games with pictures and sounds. We’re a young app that still has a lot of exciting features ahead. We’ll train your kids’ memory, motor skills, decision-making, and more through puzzles, sound recognition, and more.

Join our Facebook group to share your thoughts and kids’ progress! Download for free and unlock the full version to explore the Edzee world and support the creation of meaningful games.

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